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My Resume


I’ve worked with some of our era’s leading entrepreneurs and business thought leaders in writing blogs and white papers covering a slew of topics ranging from practical how-to pieces, to in-depth profiles on some of the world’s most intriguing companies and entrepreneurs. I have explored everything from how one entrepreneur is disrupting the multi-billion-dollar shaving market to the backstory behind the man who tried to bring Chinese cars to America (spoiler alert: he failed). 


I’ve also ghostwritten 15 books (and counting), two of which have landed on multiple best-seller lists while others have garnered attention and applause from other leading business publications, such as the Harvard Business Review, the Wall Street Journal and Strategy + Business.


What I might be most proud of are the relationships I have built along the way with all the thought leaders, authors, and editors I have worked with over my career. I am grateful for how much I have learned from working with these bright people over the years that it’s become part of my mission to pay those lessons forward. When you work with me, you will garner the value and insight of my experiences and of the relationships I’ve built over the course of my career.  

Darren is an encourager. If I come across something that I think is interesting, that I would think is interesting to other people, he is always encouraging. He loves a new idea. Always up for learning more. Nothing is ever dull or boring, he gets what you see. More importantly, he is so inquisitive and interested, he doesn’t take anything for face value.” 


- Jack Stack, CEO of SRC Holdings


For the past two years, I have been excited to write for Forbes magazine, both as a freelancer and blogger. Through my blog, I've done a deep dive on New Belgium Brewing, and tackled a wide range of stories on the subject of employee ownership. Most recently, I've been writing about the challenges facing companies that make things. 

“Darren is very capable of producing stories that have a lot of impact. He gets entrepreneurship and understands it more than the average journalist. If you assign him a story—you know he understands the people involved, you don’t need to hold his hand and he is able to represent the publication in a smart, mature way.” ~ Loren Feldman, Senior Editor, Forbes

Inc., The New York Times, AMEX, Reuters, The Atlantic

I kicked off my career as a journalist after going back to school by working for Inc. magazine. Over the years, I have continued to freelance for a variety of publications, often specializing in stories that feature businesses and entrepreneurs.

Two especially exciting projects I worked on for American Express involved a combination of writing, photography, and videos - what some people have called "transmedia." You can check them out here:

Project Manager for Tech Startups

I started off my career putting my MBA to use by working for several startup IT companies near the dawn of the Internet. The companies no longer exist, but I did learn the value of working with teams of people focused on a similar mission.

Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism

Master of Science, Journalism, 2004

State University of New York, Albany

Master of Business Administration, Management Information Systems

Union College

Bachelor of Arts, English/Economics (honors)

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